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Wild Blackberries – Candleberry Candles

“Quite possibly the most powerful fragrances you have ever experienced!”

 –   Candleberry co


Wild Blackberries : This scent will have your guests checking the oven for a Blackberry Pie! Blackberries grow during fall and spring in Kentucky, where Candleberry candles are made – and this scent has quickly become a year-round favourite!


Choose from the following options…


  • Large 26oz jar
    Our most popular jar, filled to the rim with fragrance, offering a burn time of 140-160 hrs
  • Medium 10oz jar
    Filled to the rim with fragrance offering a burn time of 50-60 hrs
  • Simmer Tarts
    Perfect with a wax warmer. Each cake will split into 8 pieces. Can be used on their own or combined to create your own unique fragrance. Offers a burn time of 12-30 hrs



This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


About Candleberry Candles…

One of America’s most fragrant candles now available in the UK in our online store! Candleberry pack more fragrance in their candles than anyone else to ensure you get the maximum enjoyment from your scented candle every time. The fragrances vary but can throw in excess of 6000 feet to give you, quite possibly, the most powerful fragrances you have ever experienced!

The Candleberry Candle Company® prides itself upon having what it considers to be the finest candle on the market.
They strive to make a candle that burns clean and is heavily scented all the way through to the end of the burn. Additionally, they burn cleaner than wicks that are all paper.

The Candleberry company’s foundation are built on that of family tradition. These candles reflect family traditions and memories that so many of us share: special recipes, scents that filled our homes during the holidays, reflections, emotions, all these things are so much more than just a candle!

Candleberry co have taken their time finding scents that will find a place in your home but also in your heart. Each Candleberry candle represents a rigorous and long process of experimentation, trial and error, and testing. If a scent is not clean enough, rich enough, or did not have enough strength or sweetness, it wasn’t ready for their customers!

There are no “average” candles in the Candleberry collection just as there are no “average” memories that move our hearts.

Candle Care: Keep candle away from draughts and do not burn near any flammable material. Ensure wax pool does not contain trimmed wicks, matches or any other objects. Always place on a stable, heat-resistant surface.


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Medium Jar, Large Jar, Simmer Tart, Power Pod

Candleberry Candles Wild Blackberries Candle