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Magician’s Nephew Bunny Rabbit, 36cm – Charlie Bears Plush CB228008O

2022 Charlie Bears Plush Collection

  • Fully Jointed (5-Way)
  • Material: High quality Plush
  • Accessory: Bow
  • Size: 36cm/14 inches
  • Care: Hand wash cool with care
  • Suitable for ages 3 years

This very magical bunny is gorgeous in his bold white plush, with pale pink paw pads, inner ears and hand-stitched nose. He really does look like the usual bundle of fluff  that a Magician would pull out of their hat so if you’re looking for a bit of sparkle and magic in your collection, this is the one for you!

Charlie Bears is the one of the most progressive creators of collectable bears worldwide with an enviable reputation supplying to over 500 international stockists in 37 countries including the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, South Africa, Sweden, USA, Australia and Taiwan.


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