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Jago – Charlie Bears

Charlie Bears Plush Collection 2017

  • Fully Jointed (5-Way)
  • Designer: Isabelle Lee
  • Material: High Quality Plush
  • Accessory: Pendant
  • Size: 28 cm/11”
  • Care: Hand wash cool with care
  • Suitable for ages 3 years +
  • Item no: CB171787A
  • Bear Family: Ginny


Meet Jago our new panda who pairs with her bear sister Ginny! Both have been created with soft silky plush materials. They have some of Charlie’s favourite design features too, like their flat paw pads so they can stand. Small eye whites which create the Charlie Bears signature “who me?” expression. Featuring sculptured paw pads with tickly toe detail that also have teardrop markings to show they are pandas and the tiniest of hand stitched noses. Simple accessories have been created in the form of small thread collar necklaces with flower pendants. So you know who is who in this gorgeous pairing Jago has a traditional black and white coat and Ginny has a grey and white coat.


Charlie Bears is the one of the most progressive creators of collectable bears worldwide with an enviable reputation supplying to over 500 international stockists in 37 countries including the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, South Africa, Sweden, USA, Australia and Taiwan.





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