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Isnee Chimpanzee – Charlie Bears Bearhouse BB183810

Charlie Bears Bearhouse Collection 2018

  • Non-Jointed
  • Designer: Isabelle Lee
  • Material: High quality Plush
  • Accessory: Cord
  • Size: 15 cm /6″ tall
  • Care: Machine Washable
  • Suitable for ages 3 years +
  • Item no: BB183810

Meet one of the smallest members of this year’s collection, it’s the hand sized Baby Chimp – Isnee a glorious design by Isabelle Lee with Charlotte Morris, for Charlie Bears 2018 Bearhouse Collection.

Isnee is 15 cm/6″ tall and non-jointed. He has been sewn from a luxurious and glossy, sleek chocolate plush, with velvety accents for his digit defined paws, ears and face, providing ‘folds’ for his burrowed brow and wrinkled nose. Glossy eyes, with delicately shade enhanced facial features and twee ears, creates the most darling of characters, whilst a frayed knot ended slim herringbone scarf, adds a unique interest. Wonderfully tactile and tremendously huggable, he is a sure fire winner!

in Charlie’s words: “Bearhouse Bears are delightfully cheeky non-jointed characters, created using child-friendly plush and designed to appeal to our friends of 18 months and over although they are equally at home in the arms of a grown-up collector! They are machine washable”

Charlie Bears is the one of the most progressive creators of collectable bears worldwide with an enviable reputation supplying to over 500 international stockists in 37 countries including the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, South Africa, Sweden, USA, Australia and Taiwan.


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