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Flower Fairies Elderberry Ladies Scarf A28831

  • A contemporary twist on the beautiful original flower fairy illustrations
  • Length: approx. 180 cm, Width: 50 cm
  • Product Item Number: A28831
  • Material: Polyester
  • Made by Border Fine Arts Contemporary

Pretty and practical, this stylish scarf features the lovely Elderberry flower fairy!

Brighten up your everyday outfit with this stunning Elderberry Scarf. An ideal gift for someone special. Elderberry sees the whimsical character draped on the branch of a berry tree, gazing down at the fruit, head rested in folded arms. Wearing a purple-toned outfit, the fairy has the same dark berries dressed through her hair, with sweet little wings in a light shade of the purple hues.

The Elderberry fairy ‘Tread quietly: O people, hush -For don’t you see, A spotted thrush, One thrush or two, Or even three, In every laden elder-tree? They pull and lug, They flap and push, They peck and tug. To strip the bush; They have forsaken, Snail and slug; Unseen I watch them, safe and snug’.

This beautiful scarf is the perfect accessory for anyone and would make a lovely birthday or Mother’s day gift.

Cicely Mary Barker’s Classic Flower Fairies have been given a contemporary twist in this colourful range of ceramic gifts and ladies’ accessories from Border Fine Arts Contemporary.


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